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Mobile-Ready Facts

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Google reports that searches done on mobile devices will quintuple by 2016.

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Comscore, a leading internet analytics company, predicts that mobile advertising in the US alone will reach $2.5 billion by 2014.

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AT&T reported that mobile traffic during the 2013 Super bowl surged by 80% over last year.

Global revenue from mobile device transactions will be a bit more than tremendous. And, THAT'S an understatement.

The fact that approximately 65 – 70% of small business owners do not even have a website is mind boggling. If you're a small business owner, you need a website. And more importantly, your site needs to be mobile-ready.

What does Mobile-Ready mean?

Being mobile-ready means that your website adjusts its layout depending on the device it's being viewed on. For example:



A non-mobile-ready site (below and right) only shrinks to fit the screen of a mobile device, causing a visitor to zoom in/out and swipe the screen left, right, up, down to read the website. This is frustrating to consumers who want to find information quickly.


With a mobile-ready website (above and left) visitors can easily view the website without having to swipe or zoom. Everything is right there, easy to navigate and easy to read.

Your business's future must be Mobile Ready

A growing number of consumers are using their mobile devices for shopping and buying the products they want, which highlights the fact that businesses need to embrace mobile-ready technology or become a statistic.

If you'd like some information on making your website mobile-ready fill in your information below and we'll contact you as soon as possible.

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Internet marketing is consumer engagement. We'll show you how.

Our team of experienced marketers understand the internet and we know how to engage your potential and existing customers online.

Internet marketing is challenging and you need marketing professionals who can help generate new ideas that will engage your audience on the internet and ultimately get you more business. Our team will do that for your business, effectively coordinating your social media efforts, email marketing campaigns and SEO.

Although you can get customers in the door with an effective social media campaign, social media should not be confused with an internet marketing strategy.

Let us show you what we can do for your business.

Fill out our Internet Marketing Application Form below and we'll start designing an internet marketing strategy for your busienss.

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We can help you Start a Social Media Following

Social media is all about being social, but on the internet. Unfortunately, a lot of business owners don't know how to be social on the internet.

Social media is more than just posting ads on your company facebook page or tweeting these same ads on your twitter feed. Consumers want useful information. Consumers want discounts. If you can add in some useful information and entertaining content to your facebook posts, tweets, and pins, you will get likes, retweets, repins, etc. If you do it right, they will turn into real customers.

It's a simple in concept, but you need an experienced social media specialist who knows how to be social on the internet. At Webhosting and Beyond we have social media specialists who have years of experience in social media and are quite simply social media butterflies.

Let us put our social media skills to work for you building your social media following.

To get started, complete our Social Media Application below.

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Email Marketing Works. Let us make it work for you.

Read these email marketing stats:

  • Although consumers complain of spam emails, consumers like receiving marketing emails
  • 7 in 10 people say they used a coupon or discount they got through a marketing email
  • 58% of people subscribe to marketing emails for discounts and special offers

But how do you convert those stats into real business for your company?

You need effective subject lines. You need emails with consistent branding and great graphics design. You need relevant emails. You need triggered emails. You need less personalized emails.

It may sound like a lot... because it is, especially when you have a business to run. At Webhosting and Beyond it's our business to help you grow your busienss. Let us do the email marketing for you. We can get you results.

Complete our email marketing application form below and we'll design a great email marketing campaign for your business.

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eCommerce isn't easy, but we make it look that way

Whether this is your first attempt at an online store or you're looking for a fresh start, we can take you from concept to execution. Our eCommerce solutions are robust, scalable, and mobile-ready featuring all the standard funcitonality of successful online stores:

  1. Secure Payments
  2. SEO
  3. Wishlists
  4. RMA
  5. Shipping Integration
  6. CRM
  7. And More!

Let us help you build your online business. Complete the form below for an estimate.

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