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Your business and the mobile landscape

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We keep hearing that mobile device usage is growing exponentially. Advertising on mobile devices is skyrocketing. Mobile device purchases have eclipsed desktops and laptops (Source: Cellular News). But do we really understand mobile device usage?

Whether it's used to find the definition of a word that was just heard in a conversation or used to compare prices while at a store, mobile devices have become almost indispensable in our daily lives. Mobile devices provide us with content on-demand, but why we consume that content on mobile devices versus desktops and laptops is widely misunderstood.

For example: I prefer to access my bank account through my mobile phone. For some unknown reason to me, I prefer that than accessing my back account on my computer. From a utilitarian perspective, my bank's mobile app lets me quickly do the things I need to do like check balances, check transaction history, and transfer money when I'm not at home. But I timed myself and I can do those same things just as quickly on my laptop. Furthermore, if I couldn't find my phone and yet my laptop was on and in front of me I'd rather search for my phone, but why? A possible reason is the overall user experience, also referred to as UX.

If you're a business owner who is trying to mobilize your website, user experience adds a new layer of complexity to your mobile website. It's not just having your website available for mobile consumption. You now have to consider what content should be available on your mobile site and how users will prefer to access it. What's the use case for your mobile site? For some businesses it may be better to develop a mobile app while others will do just fine with a mobile-ready website.

Mobile devices allow users to browse the web, buy products, tweet, and a lot of the same things available on a desktop or laptop. Yet, on some level of the human psyche, mobile devices are preferred to desktops (and laptops). This does not mean that desktops and laptops are dead. Quite honestly, I believe laptops and desktops are just being repurposed. In the coming years I trust that research will tell us why we use mobile devices the way that we do. In the here and now, business owners need to explore the mobile landscape and figure out how their product works on a mobile device. It's not just being mobile ready. Your business must integrate with the mobile world and provide your customers with the mobile experience that they want.

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