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Do you really want to grow your business?

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I sometimes wonder if business owners really grasp how important internet marketing is. I'm sure most business owners know that it should be done, but I'm not sure how committed some business owners really are. I recently read a post somewhere stating that a business owner was trying to hire or retrain an administrative assistant in order to handle their internet marketing slash social media.

To put it bluntly, business owners who have done this are throwing their money away 9 times out of 10. Maybe you can find the diamond in the rough that has the knack to intuitively understand marketing. Maybe this person will know how to mesh that with social media and email marketing. Unfortunately, maybe isn't a sound strategy.

Some business owners think all you need are some tweets, likes, and followers to drive traffic. Hopefully these stats will change that perspective:

  1. In any given week, less than 0.5% of Facebook fans engage with the brand they are fans of
  2. The more posts per day, the less engagement
  3. The click-through rate on triggered messages is 119% higher than "Business as Usual" messages
  4. On average, companies respond to only 30% of social media fans' feedback.

Credit: Hubspot - 21 Internet Marketing Stats That Will Blow Your Mind

Social media is just one piece of the internet marketing puzzle, which includes branding, SEO, email marketing, and blogging.

At the same time, web services professionals have to do a better job in explaining what internet marketing really is. We have to explain that internet marketing requires strategy, setting measurable goals, execution, and measurement. We also have to talk in a way business owners can understand and find value in. Business owners all ask these 2 questions:

  1. How much will it cost? and
  2. What is my return?

These are not easy answers to come by, but the conversation must be framed in that context. This gives business owners actionable intelligence. For example, if a business website is currently converting 2 or 3 sales a month with 100 page-views/day, one can assume that increasing page-views to 1000 per day could yield 20 to 30 sales per month. Assuming the average sale is $100 and the cost to increase page-views is $1000, this may be a good investment. Another possibility is to increase the conversion rate, leaving page-views relatively unchanged. This hypothetical gives the fictitious business owner scenarios to base their decisions on.

In summary..

Business owners need to put more emphasis on internet marketing with their dollars. Web services professionals need to do a better job in communicating the metrics behind internet marketing and how it can help increase their client's bottom line.

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